about us

We develop websites

We love to develop and maintain websites. Our platform of choice to is WordPress

By using plugins and themes for WordPress we develop a website specifically to your needs.

We are not graphic designers nor are we photographers. We can refer you to a graphic designer or a photographer so they can provide elements which we can then combine in to the development of your website. 

Who are we

We are a husband and wife team that live in the Riverland region of South Australia.

Until recently I was the CEO of a small not-for-profit organisation and commuted between the Riverland and Adelaide for work. In July 2018 I was made redundant (best thing that happened). My employer merged with a larger organisation and I was no longer required. I am fortunate that financially I no longer need to work full time. I also provide care to my aged parents.

Developing and maintaining websites provides us with an interest and also allows us to decide at what times we want to work. 

This allows us to work around other employment options and our caring responsibilities.