Domain name registration

Without a domain name, aka your website address, your website won’t work.

You can register just a single domain name or multiple domain names.

This is one of three essential ingredients to getting your business online (the others are hosting, and of course, your website).

Domain name registration and maintenance is provided from $25 per year.

Website hosting

You can’t have a website without it being hosted somewhere! 

This is an ongoing annual cost that you need to budget for.

Varying inclusions have been designed to suit most small businesses.

The first year of website hosting is included when you order our Web 5, Web 10 or Web 15 website package.

Website hosting and maintenance is provided from $100 per year.


SSL certificate

The “s” in https:// stands for secure (SSL = Secure Socket Layer). 

You’ll see a little padlock in the address bar to indicate that the website you’re looking at is using a protected, encrypted connection.

SSL is becoming near-standard and is important for all websites. 

In fact some sites – an online store that accepts payments for example – won’t work without it. 

Protect your visitors’ sensitive information and improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) … yes, Google favours sites that have SSL when returning search results.

Installing and maintaining a SSL certificate is available for $75 per year.


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